Race Report – 2016 NICA Race 4 at Five Springs Farm

By April 29, 2016NICA Race Reports

2016 NICA Race 4 at Five Springs Farm

Saturday, April 23rd

by Sebastian Dow, Freshman @ San Marin HS

Time flies during race season! It has already been two weeks since race #3 at Fort Ord. Race #4 took place at Five Springs Farm in Petaluma. I had heard mixed emotions about this course from my teammates. Some liked it and some didn’t. All I knew for sure was that one lap consisted of a long climb and then a long descent (6.5 miles 800ft). Knowing this was good because my team is from Marin County and all we have here are hills, therefore courses with more climbing benefited us. I woke up on race day nervous as usual. It was nice to sleep in my own bed before race day because most of the races have been in Monterey and we have stayed in a hotel. Finally around seven thirty we made it to the race course. I didn’t know what to expect so I hopped on my bike and did a pre-ride of the course. The rain from the previous day made the dirt perfect! The course started on a paved road and connected up with a double track. This allowed for great passing everywhere throughout the course.

I came into this race wearing the leader jersey and I intended on keeping it. You receive a leader jersey when you are leading your division in points. First place gets you 500 points, second gives you 490 etc. My main competition was Sean and he is from Granite Bay. He is a very strong rider and would be tough to beat. My coach and I devised a plan that would hopefully bring me to victory. I would stay behind Sean for the first lap and see how he is doing. When I felt ready I would pass him and stay in front to take the win.

Sean and I were together for the whole race. I stayed right behind him for lap 1 and half of lap 2. After I passed him he wasn’t that far behind me. I managed to keep a small lead to the finish to take the win. I will be holding on to the leader jersey for another race!

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I was very happy to take the win and keep the leader jersey. I want to congratulate my fellow Brustop teammate and good friend of mine, Kyle Hammer. He pulled a solid third place. I am proud of all my teammates because everyone did very good at this race. This course was my favorite so far. Stoked for Laguna Seca in two weeks!