Do you race in the Norcal NICA league? If so, THANK YOU! You are part of an incredibly powerful movement that, we believe, will significantly strengthen the foundation of the sport of cycling for decades to come!
For the 2016-2017 Season, we would like to help encourage and support the best athletes that our local teams have to offer. What makes an athlete rise to this level? It is not enough to be fast, you have to be a positive force on your team, displaying dedication not just to your own performance, but also to your teammates, your school, and the cycling community at large.
Does this describe you well? Then fill out and submit an application below to be considered for sponsorship!

Sponsorship Details

  • We are currently only offering scholarships to riders in grades 9-12
  • Athletes selected for sponsorship will receive
    • Deep discounts on bikes, components, riding gear, etc.
    • Workorder prioritization for maintenance/repairs performed by Bicycle Brüstop.
    • Athlete promotion via Bicycle Brüstop’s public channels, like email lists, webpage, and social media.
    • …and more
  • Athletes selected for sponsorship will be expected to:
    • Submit periodic race reports for distribution.
    • Promote Bicycle Brüstop and the brands carried by the shop.
    • Periodically attend special events hosted by Bicycle Brüstop.
    • Be an amazing member of their team and spread the joy of cycling with everyone they encounter!

To apply, complete the fields below, then hit “Submit my Application”