Mt Burdell

Ride Description

Approx. 11.5 miles, 1750ft of climbing, 1-2hrs

Mt Burdell is one of the “standby” rides for Novato residents of all skill levels. Just a quick road spin from downtown will get you to one of the many entrances to Burdell’s trail network, which offers loops of varying length so you can find a ride that fits that amount of time you have available.

Technical Difficulty

Technicality and elevation go hand in hand on Mt Burdell, as the fireroad gets progressively rockier as you ascend. While experienced riders will not find the route difficult, over-confidence on the descent can allow that misplaced baby-head stone or off-camber turn to send you sliding.

Fitness Challenge

Depending on which route you take to the summit, there are a couple of steep sections that can put some strain on the lungs, but the difficulty is capped by the short total duration & elevation.