How our Demo Program Works

Whether your dream bike is a trail-gobbling beast or a slick road-race rocketship, we recognize that the purchase of a new bike represents a significant investment. We want you to have full confidence that we have paired you with the bike that best suits your riding style! It is for this reason that we offer a wide array of “demo” bikes for you to test out. Here’s how it works:

  1. The demo fee is $120 for a one-day rental. (Hint: we’re closed on Mondays, so taking a bike on Sunday and returning it Tuesday will get you the most riding time for your buck).
  2. We encourage you to take the bike on a route that you are very familiar with, so you measure its performance on your home terrain.
  3. If you love the bike and end up purchasing one from us, we credit you $120 toward the purchase of a new bike*!
  4. If the bike isn’t a perfect fit, try a different one! You can credit up to three demo fees toward the purchase of your new bike. (Max credit of $360).

* To refund your demo fee, you must purchase a bicycle from Bicycle Brüstop within 45 days of the demo. The bike you purchase does not have to be identical to the model tested, but must be of the same category (e.g. full-suspension mountain bike).  Demo fees can only be applied to bicycles that cost >$1000.

  • Liv | 2019 Intrigue E+ 1 Pro | Size Medium

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