Camp Tamarancho

Ride Description

Approx. 12 miles w/ 2200 feet of climbing, 1.5-2.5hrs (depending on how many laps we do down Endor).

Camp Tamarancho delivers some of the best singletrack in Marin County and, best of all, it’s legal! Riding here does require a pass, which start at $5 per rider for a day pass.

Technical Difficulty

Tamarancho has some rocky sections that can be tricky, narrow spots between trees, and big roots polished smooth and slick by previous riders. But things rarely “sneak up” on you here, so you can always avoid anything that is out of your comfort zone. This makes Tamarancho a great place for intermediate riders to build their skills. The addition of a flow trail (Endor) to the network means that even advanced riders can find ways to improve their riding here.

Fitness Challenge

The “standard loop” here is not awfully long, nor does it include a ton of climbing. Doing multiple laps on the flow trail will make your quads howl, so you can just loop it out until you’ve had your fill, then head for home.