We Want to Help Get You on a New Bike

We understand the situation you’re in. You’ve stopped by our store and our team has helped you pick out your dream bike, the picture of which is now the background image on your phone, constantly reminding you of what you’d rather be out doing. Don’t despair! We offer some great programs that can get you out riding your new bike ASAP:

    • Traditional Layaway

      • So you say you want to secure the bike now and pay for it over your next few paychecks? No problem! We’ll pull your dream bike off the floor and hang on to it for you until you’re ready. Stop by the shop to discuss a payment plan and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!


    • Consumer Financing

      • We are proud to be partnered with Synchrony Financial, THE most trusted name in consumer financing. You can finance all or just part of your new bike and any accessories that you need! Details to the right→


    • Home Delivery

      • You want that new bike but you don’t have a good way to get it home, and you don’t want to bother your neighbor to borrow his truck… again!? That’s OK, if you live in or near Novato, we’ll deliver your new bike to your house for a nominal fee. And if you have other bikes that need maintenance or repairs, we can help with that too, click here to read more about our repair pickup/delivery service.


  • Used Bike Trade-Ins

    • Do you have a bike that you’re not riding anymore that you’d like to trade in for something new? We have partnered with BicycleBluebook.com to make that possible. BicycleBluebook.com has a huge database that includes millions of real-world sale transactions, covering hundreds of makes/models/years. You can use the lookup tool below to get a rough estimate of how much your bike is worth, or, better yet, bring your bike by for a precise valuation today! You might be closer to that new bike than you think. Please note that not all bikes are accepted, inquire for details.
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