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Sierra Nevada

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Sierra Nevada – Camper Down

Sierra Nevada – Camper Down


Camper Down Schwartzbier
5.6% ABV, 50 IBU
Brewer’s Description
We had the privilege to send one of our own to attend Beer Camp at Sierra Nevada. What is Beer Camp, you ask? In short, it’s a 3-day crash course in beer brewing that includes the opportunity to brew Sierra Nevada’s version of a “small batch” of beer on their “pilot line.” That small batch equates to 20 barrels, or about 620 gallons. Small indeed!
Anyway, one of our store owners (Aaron) got to chance to attend Beer Camp #195 in early March, and the crew he was part of decided to make a Schwartzbier (a.k.a. Black Lager). The malts were chosen to impart a lot of color but only a hint of smokey chocolate flavor, so it has a rich black color but drinks much lighter than, say, a porter or a stout. With a higher ABV and more aggressive hop additions than a traditional schwartzbier, Camper Down is a modern take on the classic style.
The name? You’ll just have to order one and ask to hear the story.