Post-Ride GrubSuper Duper Burger is located close to our parking spot, so it’s a great spot to refuel with diner-style burgers, fries, shakes, and more. Make sure to try the house-made pickles!

Driving directions to rally point: Link

Our route over Mt Tam has stunning views, lots of climbing, descents that produce happy giggles, and the occasional plate of pancakes.
Length & Duration:  Approx. 22 miles, 4800ft of climbing, 2.5-3.5hrs ride time.

Technical Difficulty

The descent down coastal trail is lots of fun, but not terribly technical. The grin-factor is high, as the wide-open terrain gives you some room to cut loose. This loop can be easily modified to include Tenderfoot, though, which takes the technical challenge up several notches.


Fitness Challenge

This ride starts with a long climb up Railroad Grade to the West Point Inn, but the grades are mellow, so the elevation will be easily manageable for most riders. On the loop back, you need to make your way back up Diaz, which on it’s own is not a difficult climb, but with legs cooled off by the descent down Coastal can bite you.